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This directory contains the licence which applies to all material in the LumoSQL project.

MIT Licence

The MIT License applies to all files in this project. The MIT licence is the most-widely used Open Source licence, including by some of the world's largest companies. The MIT licence grants everyone the right to use the code for any purpose under copyright law. Every file should have a copyright statement at the top and also a Software Package Data Exchange machine-readable header, but even if it doesn't, the MIT licence still applies. It also applies to any file which is not clearly code, such as configuration or input data.

There are a few documentation files in the LumoSQL project tree, including this README. These are also covered by the MIT license, to avoid any misunderstanding. Virtually all of the LumoSQL documentation can be found at the LumoSQL Documentation Project.

To even further avoid misunderstanding, we maintain the site